How do I Operate Back to Basics Smoothie Plus 600 Blender?

Amy Lyn

Making smoothies at home is a convenient way to fix a quick health snack or to quench a sweet tooth. Throw in some green tea, strawberries, bananas and yogurt for a healthy breakfast drink or mix up some milk, ice cream and chocolate syrup for a sweet after school snack. The Back to Basics Smoothie Plus 600 Blender is durable with its glass blender jar, and the stir stick helps eliminate fruit chunks left behind by some basic blenders.

Fruit smoothies are a healthy and sweet treat.
  1. Pour the liquid ingredients into the blender and fill it up to the "Liquids" line on the side of the blender for either two or four servings.

  2. Add the ice and/or other frozen ingredients until you've filled the blender to the "Frozen Ingredients" line.

  3. Put the lid on the blender, and insert the stir stick through the hole in the lid.

  4. Press the "Pulse" button two or three times to start the blending process, then press the "High" button and continue blending. While blending on high, rotate the stir stick counter-clockwise so the stir stick scrapes the sides of the blender. This will force your frozen ingredients and fruit into the mixing blades to eliminate any chunks in your smoothie. Continue blending and scraping until your smoothie is completely mixed.

  5. Place a cup under the blender valve and press the "Low/Dispense" button to serve your smoothie. Help to dispense a thick smoothie out of the blender by stirring the stir stick while still holding the button down.

  6. Empty the blending jar completely, turn the machine off and enjoy your smoothie.