How to Decorate With Cast Iron Pans

Nicole Long

Cast iron pans provide a certain amount of charm when used in the kitchen, dining room and throughout the house as decorative pieces. Commonly used for cooking, cast iron pans require seasoning and care to bring out their traditional dark color and non-stick cooking quality. Used in a variety of environments, from campfires to restaurant kitchens, cast iron pans come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can add a decorative element to various rooms of your home.

  1. Gather together a selection of cast iron pans. Whether you use your favorite cast iron pan or purchase new ones specifically for decorating, choose a variety of shapes and sizes for decorating purposes. Include cast iron pans with special meaning, including those from your travels or those that have been passed down in your family.

  2. Hang cast iron pans in the kitchen and dining room. Display cast iron pans in a variety of ways. Hang pans from the wall using sturdy hooks. Arrange them in a small cluster or place them in various locations throughout the kitchen and dining room. Another option includes using a cast iron pot rack to display your cast iron pans. This puts them on display while still allowing them to be available for use on special occasions.

  3. Tie in the cast iron theme throughout the house. Think beyond hanging them in the kitchen and dining rooms. Use a cast iron pan as a centerpiece by filling it with potpourri and placing a votive holder with candle in the center of the pan. Place small decorative cast iron pans along shelves and on tables. The small pans work well for holding keys and change.

  4. Decorate with cast iron pans outdoors. Place citronella candles on cast iron pans for table decorations. Place colored glass pieces or rocks around the candle for an added touch. Use deep pans to corral common outdoor items, including bug spray, sunscreen and antibacterial lotion for easy guest access.