How Do I Replace a Stove Top Igniter on a Frigidaire Gallery?

Gail Delaney

Some stove tops on Frigidaire Gallery series appliances light burners with an igniter. This takes the place of a pilot light. With an igniter, you don’t have to worry about the flame blowing out and allowing harmful gas to escape. Make sure to find the model number of your stove top to replace the igniter with the right part. Before taking your stove apart, compare the new part with the old one to make sure that the igniters match.

Step 1

Unplug the stove from the outlet. For an extra safety measure, remove the fuse in the fuse box or trip the breaker in the breaker box.

Step 2

Remove the burner grates before you take the top off the stove. Depending on the model, the top either will lift completely off, or the top raises on hinges located at the back and is held up with a little rod.

Step 3

Remove the stove’s burner dials. If you leave them on and lean against them while working on the stove, gas could escape.

Step 4

Find the igniter that does not work. This is located close to the burner that won't light and is held on by two screws.

Step 5

Loosen the screws but do not remove them entirely. Just turn them until you can slide the igniter out of position.

Step 6

Remove the wires one at a time and place the wire into the new igniter. This will ensure that the wires are in the right places. You can remove the wires coming off the old igniter by inserting a flat-edge screwdriver into the slot located between the wires. Gently pry the clamp open. The wire should come out easily.

Step 7

Push the wires into the new igniter in the same order as they were on the old igniter.

Step 8

Push the igniter between the loosened screws. Tighten the screws to hold the igniter firmly in place.

Step 9

Put the stove lid in place, add the burner grates and push the dials in place. Plug the stove in and turn in the fuse or trip the breaker.