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How to Clean a Meat Saw With a Grinder And Sliding Table

Norah Faith

Hunters, butchers and some households use saw machines with a grinder and sliding table attachment for slicing through meat, tough bone and muscle quickly and to easily obtain manageable pieces for consumption, refrigeration or sale. You should clean your meat saw well after after four back-to-back usages and each time you change the processed meat type. This prevents meat contamination and encumbers the onslaught of fatal diseases from ingestion. In addition, regular cleanups prolongue a machine's efficiency and prolong its life.

  1. Unplug the machine from the electric outlet prior to cleaning.

    Unscrew the fixed "L" plate from the table edge. Unfasten the socket screws that attach the table support to the sliding table portion. Lift the rest of the sliding table off the saw frame to separate it from the machine for cleaning.

    Use antibacterial soap to wash the stainless steel fixed and sliding tabletop sections and the sliding-table attachments, especially the thickness fence and meat pusher. Brush the table's blood-draining grooves using a soft-bristled brush. Rinse with hot water that's at least 170 degrees .

  2. Slip off the guard cover by undoing the socket screws on the cover's side and rear to access the drive wheel and blade. Disassemble the meat saw blades from the drive wheel by turning the tension adjustment nuts counter clockwise. Open the front access panel to detach the blade's bottom portion from the lower guide plates and dislocate it from the lower spindle wheel.

    Clean the blades thoroughly using antibacterial soap or bleach and hot water to dislodge meat particles and germs that have clung to them. Sterilize by washing with hot water that is a temperature of 170 degrees.

  3. Uninstall the meat grinder by unlocking the meat-grinding assembly locking handle and lifting the grinder out of its place. Unscrew the external ring in order to remove the sausage stuffer for sanitizing. Clean the entire sausage casing, connecting tube and the meat grinder parts -- including the funnel shaped intake and the stuffing tool -- with hot antibacterial soapy water. Rinse with hot water at 170 degree.

  4. Clean the inside and outside surfaces of the machine well by washing them off with a hose. Sterilize all surfaces with hot water that is a temperature above170 degrees.

    Clean the nuts and bolts of grease and excess lubricant oil using mineral spirits and cotton wool. Sanitize the waste tray with antibacterial soap and hot water.

  5. Dry the wet, cleaned and disinfected surfaces completely with a soft cloth or with a portable air blower before plugging the machine into the power outlet for reuse.