How to Change the Thermal Fuse in a Maytag Dryer

When your usually reliable Maytag dryer stops producing heat, a tripped thermal fuse is probably to blame. An important safety feature, the thermal fuse in your Maytag dryer shuts off the flow of electricity to the dryer's heating element when the appliance heats to unsafe temperatures. Changing the thermal fuse in your Maytag residential clothes dryer is a simple repair that can be completed even without previous appliance repair experience.

Step 1

Unplug your Maytag dryer to disconnect it from its power source. Shut off the flow of gas to your appliance, if applicable. Make absolutely sure that all electricity and gas has been disconnected before beginning the repairs on your Maytag clothes dryer.

Step 2

Look between the dryer's top and front panels to spot the two metal clips that hold the top panel to the rest of the dryer cabinet. Apply pressure to the two clips using a putty knife or flathead screwdriver to release them. Lift the top panel up and fold it back to rest against the wall.

Step 3

Look behind the drum in the cabinet of your Maytag dryer to spot the appliance's heating element; the thermal fuse will be mounted to the cover of the heating element. Note that the thermal fuse in your Maytag looks like a thin strip of plastic with two wires connected to it.

Step 4

Remove the spent thermal fuse from the heating element cover. Tug gently on the two wires to disconnect them from the thermal fuse. Remove the screw that holds the thermal fuse to the heating element cover. Discard the removed thermal fuse, but reserve the screw for reassembly.

Step 5

Hold the new thermal fuse to the heating element cover; replace and tighten the removed screw. Attach the two wires to the ends of the new thermal fuse to complete the replacement process.

Step 6

Lower the top panel over the Maytag dryer cabinet. Exert gentle downward pressure on the panel until you hear the two metal clips snap into place.


  • Self-repairing your Maytag dryer may void any kind of manufacturer's warranty on the appliance. Contact Maytag customer service for more warranty and repair information.
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