My Ice Machine Won't Make Ice

In addition to providing ice at no cost, an ice machine built into a refrigerator saves the user the hassle of having to fill trays with water and then wait for it to turn to ice. However, like most technology, the ice maker will fail at some point. Before calling a refrigerator repairman, troubleshoot the various causes behind broken ice makers.

  1. See if the power is on. Plug the refrigerator back in if it has come unplugged or switch the circuit breaker flip if it has turned off.

  2. Open the the ice maker panel and inspect the parts of the ice maker for ice build up.

  3. Check the water supply pipe carefully to make sure that water is flowing into the machine.

  4. Clean the condenser, which is on the back or underside of the refrigerator and uses a fan to ensure that the water is cold enough for freezing. Remove anything blocking the fan.

  5. See if the fill tube (where the ice dispenses out of the back of the ice maker) is blocked with ice, which can prevent further ice from coming out (a problem that is compounded when more people try to get ice and don't know that it isn't working). Use a chisel to break apart the backed up ice or a hair dryer to melt any ice that has formed.

  6. Look for a leak. If there is water puddling underneath the refrigerator when you run the ice dispenser, this is a sign of a faulty or disconnected pipe in the back of the machine. Re-connect or repair the pipe.

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