How to Troubleshoot a Nespresso C100

Neil Greenlees

The Nespresso C100 is a popular make of domestic espresso machine---popular, that is, until it stops functioning just when you're ready for a java shot. Before you contact Nespresso Club, try some simple troubleshooting. You may be able to solve the problem yourself.

Light Indicator Fails to Illuminate

The perfect cup of espresso will still be on the menu if you can successfully troubleshoot your Nespresso C100.
  1. Check to ensure your Nespresso C100's plug is securely in the wall socket.

  2. Check your home's fuse box to ensure the fuse controlling your Nespresso C100 has not blown. If your home has a breaker box, ensure the switch controlling the machine has not tripped.

  3. Switch on lights and other appliances. If they fail to function, your neighborhood may be suffering a power failure.

Machine Fails to Dispense Espresso

  1. Check the water tank at the rear of the machine to make sure there is water in it.

  2. Check the capsule holder on top of the machine to ensure an espresso capsule has been placed in it.

  3. Service the venting by pressing the "start" button, holding the top of the capsule holder in the open position for several seconds, pressing the "stop" button and closing the capsule holder lid.

Nespresso C100 Needs to be Descaled

  1. Rinse the system thoroughly with hot water.

  2. Place Nespresso descaling chemical in the water tank along with half a liter of water.

  3. Raise the lever, insert the descaling filter and close the lever.

  4. Press both the "small" and "large" coffee cup buttons simultaneously and then press the "start" button and allow the descaling solution to run through for 90 seconds.

  5. Refill the water tank with descaling solution and repeat the process. Rinse the system thoroughly.