Diktad Crib Instructions

One of the most important things to keep in mind when assembling a Diktad crib by Ikea is to assemble it exactly as the manual instructs.

Safely assemble your child's crib.Safely assemble your child's crib.
Following the instructions precisely will ensure the safety and protection of your little one. If you have lost the instructions, never try to guess where the hardware belongs. Instead, find the instructions online, or call IKEA customer service to receive the instruction book by mail or email.

Download the instructions from the Ikea Fans website. Set up an account name and password. Once your account is set up and you've received a confirmation email, sign in to IKEA Fans. Type "DIKTAD Crib Instructions" in the search box and click "Search." Click on the DIKTAD Crib Instructions article and select the attached PDF file to download the instructions with pictures.

Slide the threaded screw inserts that came with the crib into the holes in the crib sides as directed in the instructions. Each crib side will have four holes: two holes on the bottom crib side and two holes at the top of the crib side for the inserts. Slide all eight threaded screw inserts into all eight holes.

Align one crib side with the headboard. The two threaded screw inserts should be aligned with the two holes on the headboard. Insert two long screws through the headboard and into the crib side. Use the metal screwdriver to tighten the long screws and to connect the headboard to one of the crib sides.

Align the second crib side with the headboard. Insert two long screws through the headboard holes and into the crib side's threaded screw inserts. Use the metal screwdriver to tighten the long screws and to connect the headboard to the second crib side.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to connect the crib sides with the footboard of the crib. Once finished, the main frame of the crib will be complete.

Slide the four pins into the inside frame holes of the crib depending on the age of your child. The crib has four pin holes along the inside bottom for toddlers and four pin holes along the inside middle for infants.

Place the crib bottom inside the crib frame. The crib bottom will rest on the four pins inserted into the frame in Step 6. The crib bottom will have four holes that will align over the pins.

Slide one bolt through the crib bottom hole and through the pin below it. Slide a washer over the bolt underneath the crib bottom. Slide a nut onto the bolt and tighten the nut using the wrench. The washer will be on the bolt in between the nut and the pin.

Repeat Step 8 with the remaining three bolts, three washers and three nuts to secure the bottom of the crib to the frame.

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