How to Troubleshoot a Waring Pro Wmk300 Waffle Maker

Leah Waldron-Gross

Waring Pro's WMK300 Professional Belgian Waffle Maker, which features a rotisserie mechanism that provides evenly-baked Belgian waffles with deep pockets, is the perfect cooking accessory for cold mornings or weekend brunches with friends. If your WMK300 needs repair or is not operating properly, there is a one-year warranty offered by Waring Pro to replace or repair the model, but this may not be necessary. Troubleshoot for a few common problems first, and you may save yourself enough money for that next batch of waffles.

  1. Plug in the Waffle Pro WMK300 into a 120 volt, three-prong outlet. Switch the waffle maker's on/off switch to "on". If no red or green indicator light appears on the waffle maker, try another outlet. Keep in mind that the wall outlet may need to be manually re-set by pressing the reset button on the outlet.

  2. Check for damage or scratches on the non-coated surface of the Waring Pro Waffle Maker's inner grids. Brush the grids with cooking oil. Replace metal cooking utensils with plastic utensils to avoid further scratching.

  3. Determine if the Waring Pro Waffle maker is preheated. Plug in the waffle maker and switch to the "on" position. Check for the red indicator light, which means that the waffle maker is on and beginning the preheating process. When the light turns green and you hear a six-beep indicator sound, the waffle maker is preheated. This will only occur at the start of the baking process, and not after each waffle is baked. Check that the Waring Pro Waffle Maker's lid is sealed during the preheating process. If the lid is moved, the preheating timer mechanism will be interrupted.

  4. Pour 3/4 a cup of batter into the lower grid of the Waring Pro Waffle Maker only. Batter should be poured into the center of the lower grid only, spreading it evenly over the rest of the grids outward from the center. Failure to pour to the center first may cause unevenly-baked waffles.

  5. Clean your Waring Pro Waffle Maker after each use. Wait for the unit to cool, then unplug it and brush the waffle grids with a brush or paper towel to remove any excess crumbs. If waffle batter is stuck on the grids, add cooking oil to soften the build-up. Wipe the waffle grid surface with a moist paper towel to remove oil.