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How to Troubleshoot a Misting Fountain

Ross Glyn

A misting fountain is a great way to release aromatherapy into the air and to just plain relax after a long day at the office. When up and running with the LED lights glowing and mist flowing across the bowl, the misting fountain takes on an ethereal quality. Misting fountains are relatively simple devices and the problems are few. Issues you may encounter have to do mostly with the ceramic disc, LED lights, or water that has become dirty or contaminated.

  1. Check that the water level is above the water sensor and extends above the mister unit if the LED lights work but the unit is not misting.

  2. Remove and clean the ceramic disk at the base of the fogger if the water level is OK and the unit is still not misting. Unplug the mister and allow the mist maker unit to completely dry before removing the ceramic disk from the water container. Insert the disk key tool that came with the unit into the winding ring and turn it counter-clockwise. Take note of the spring beneath the ceramic disk. Clean any deposits, or build-up on the disk with a soft cloth. Reverse the process to reinstall the disk. Take care to reinstall the disk with the black ring down. The ceramic disk cavity should be completely dry before reassembling. The use of too much aromatherapy oil, or dirty water, can cause the ceramic disk to deteriorate. Replace the disk if necessary.

  3. Run the misting unit for approximately 8 hours per day, but no longer. This will prevent burn out and extend the life of your mister. If possible, use a timer on the unit.

  4. Place your mister in an area where water droplets, or mist, can not cause damage to nearby furniture. A small amount of mist will flow over the sides of the unit.