Instructions for Restringing Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are material blinds controlled by strings that cause the material to gather and pleat at the top of the window. Sometimes it's necessary to replace the strings that control the shades. You can easily take the shades down and rethread them with new, working cord. If you want to change the strings in your pleated shades, use strong, durable cord so that it doesn't break when you try to close and release the shades.

Pull the cord and gather the shades so they are completely held together. The window should be fully exposed.

Slide the shades off the track holding them onto the top of the window frame. Slip off the top and bottom caps of the blinds. These are usually metal, plastic or wood and are the stiff caps that hold the shades in place.

Pull off the cord guides. These are the small pieces holding the knots of the strings in place and should just pull off the pleated shades.

Remove the string from the shades. You may need to cut the knots off with scissors to get the strings out. Keep the small washers that are on the strings, as well as the strings themselves for later use.

Thread a restringing needle with .9mm cord. Make a triple knot at the end of the cord.

Pass the needle through a washer and through one of the holes in the top of the shades.

Pull the needle out through the bottom of the shades and pass it through another washer.

Cut the new cord to the same length of the old string and tie the end of the cord three times.

Repeat the threading of the cord through the remaining holes through the shades and slip the cord guides around each of the knots like they were on the old string knots.

Pull the excess length of the cords up so they are above the shades. The washers should stay pressed against the shades themselves.

Lay the lengths of cords along the top of the shades so they run on the center and hang down one end.

Slide the top and bottom caps back onto the shades. Be careful not to catch the strings as you slide on the top cap.

Attach the cord lock to the top cap at the end where the cords are hanging down. The cord lock controls the cords and allows the shades to go up and down. Pass the cords through the opening of the cord lock and through the hole at one end of the lock. The cords should hang down from the cord lock once it is attached.

Snap the cord lock onto the end of the top cap. The lock will just fit onto the clips at the end of the cap.

Slide the shades back onto the track on the top of the window frame.

Things You Will Need

  • Scissors
  • Restringing needle
  • .9mm cord


  • Use a matching-colored cord so the hanging lengths don't stand out or clash with the shades.


  • Cut the cords to the same length as the old strings or you won't be able to open the shades correctly.

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