How Do I Repair the Moen 7600?

The Moen 7600 model of faucet has a repair kit that is available at any home improvement store that sells Moen products, and this will greatly assist you, should you need replacement parts.

Repairing a kitchen sink faucet is really quite easy.
    Nothing is more annoying than a leaking faucet
  1. Turn off the water supply to the sink.

  2. Cover the teeth of the wrench with electrical tape and remove the aerator and scrub the it clean with a toothbrush or replace. Replace the washers and o-rings during reassembly.

    If the leak is not at the top of the faucet, but at the handle, then you probably need to replace the cartridge.

  3. Remove the handle screw of your faucet, using an Allen wrench.

  4. Unscrew the dome. Unscew the connector screw to remove the connector and handle stop

  5. Unscrew the nut using a wrench and remove the clip with pliers. Using the \Moen repair kit, place the plastic cap tool, found in the kit, on the cartridge so that it lines up and covers the "ears." Wiggle the cap using the pliers to grip it, to undo the cartridge. Take the cap off and pull the cartridge straight out.

  6. Push the new cartridge straight in, lining it up precisely with the clip notches. Reverse the steps that you took to disassemble the handle to reassemble it. Tighten the screws securely.

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