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How to Troubleshoot a Bosch Cooktop

Jaime Lutz
Table of Contents

Bosch offers gas, electric and induction cooktops, all of which may show some common errors. There are many ways to potentially solve them.

How to Troubleshoot a Bosch Cooktop

The appliance company Bosch currently offers gas, electric and induction cooktops, all of which may encounter different typical errors. Though Bosch offers customer service at 1-800-944-2904 and online, there are some simple methods that cooktop users can try to address the issue on their own before reaching out to a professional. And remember, your cooktop has a limited warranty on the appliance and its parts for 1 year.

For All Cooktops: Read the Manual

You might have thrown out your cooktop manual after purchase, but don’t worry – it’s available online through the Bosch Service Assistant. To find your manual, you’ll need to enter your device’s model number, which is found on the rating plate at the front of your cooktop.

For All Cooktops: Clean Your Surface

Often, there will be a problem with the cooktop simply because it’s dirty. Clean the control area and the rest of the cooktop with an appropriate cooktop cleaner solution (usually, a ceramic or glass cooktop cleaner).

For All Cooktops: Make Sure the Control Panel Is Dry

If you have wet fingers, or the control panel is wet from cleaning, the control panel might not respond to your touch. Make sure both are dry before continuing.

For Induction and Electric Cooktops: Disconnect the Cooktop

If you see an “E” on your induction cooktop, that means there’s an error, according to Bosch. Disconnect the cooktop from the main supply, wait 30 seconds, reconnect the cooktop and try again.

For Induction and Electric Cooktops: Switch Off the Fuse

If you’re seeing an “e9” error code, there may be an internal problem with the cooktop’s electronics. Try switching off the fuse box, waiting 20 seconds and switching it on again.

For Induction and Electric Cooktops: Let the Cooktop Cool Off

If you see an F2/F02 or F4/F04 error, the cooktop switched off because it’s too hot. If there’s a hot item near the control panel, remove it until the cooktop cools down.

For Induction and Electric Cooktops: Make Sure Timeout Wasn't Activated

If you see an F8/F08 error, that simply means that timeout was activated because the hot plate was operated for a long period of time at a high power. You can end the timeout by pressing any button.

For Gas Cooktops: Reboot

If you’re seeing an error display, the mains voltage might be too low. Turn the cooktop off, wait a few seconds and then turn it back on again. If that doesn’t work, you might need to contact your electricity provider.

For Electric Cooktops: Wait Until Cooktop Is Installed

If it appears that there’s a slight curve in your cooktop, know that it was manufactured that way on purpose. It should be flat upon installation.


If you continue to have performance issues with your Bosch cooktop, call a professional repairman.