How to Remove an Old Bathroom Exhaust Fan Housing

Bathroom exhaust fans are used to keep moisture under control and eliminate stale odors. Most bathroom exhaust fan housings are located in the attic above the bathroom, with the vents leading either out an exterior wall or up through the ceiling. The housing of the exhaust fan is a large metal box that stores the fan and electrical wiring. If you notice that your fan is no longer doing its job, you will need to remove the old housing so you can put new housing in.

  1. Turn off the electricity powering the exhaust fan from the main circuit breaker. Use an electrical circuit tester to test the wires to ensure no electricity is running through them.

  2. Remove the grille in the bathroom to expose the electrical wiring inside the box. Unscrew the wire nuts holding the wires together. Separate all of the wires.

  3. Cut the foil duct tape around the elbow of the vent fan with a utility knife. Remove the tape and take the flexible duct off of the housing.

  4. Remove the screws holding the housing to the trusses with a screw gun. There should be four screws, one in each bar coming off each corner.

  5. Lift the old bathroom exhaust fan up and out of the trusses.

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