How to Use a Keypad Door Lock

Keypad door locks are gaining popularity as an alternative for keyed locks. With keypad door locks, you do not have to worry about locking your keys in your house or forgetting your keys. You only need to remember the code to open the door lock. Some also have the ability to have multiple user codes, which means you can give everyone in your family or anyone else you wish to have access to your house a separate code. If you no longer want that person to have access, you can simply delete that user's code. It makes trying to get a key back a thing of the past.

  1. Enter the code into the keypad one number at a time by pressing the corresponding key.

  2. Press the "Enter" key on the keypad if it is applicable to your keypad lock.

  3. Wait for confirmation. Usually a green light will blink if the code is valid and a red light will blink if the code is invalid.

  4. Turn the handle on your door to open it. If the code was entered successfully, the door will open with no trouble.