How to Prepare Marine Plywood for a Boat Deck

Will Charpentier

Using marine plywood as the final deck surface aboard a vessel is a viable alternative to many other products. Marine plywood uses special water-resistant glues. Also, marine-grade plywood uses a better quality of veneer -- the exposed layer of the plywood -- than most interior plywoods, so that when you cut marine grade plywood, you won't have "a void in one laminate on a freshly cut edge," according to Professor Gene Wengert, retired Professor and Extension Specialist in Wood Processing, Department of Forestry, University of Wisconsin-Madison, in an commentary for "Woodweb."

Prepare Marine Plywood for a Boat Deck
  1. Spread a waterproof sealing compound on the top side of the plywood with a paintbrush.

  2. Apply waterproof sealer to the edges of the plywood.

  3. Cover the bottom of the plywood with waterproof sealer completely.