How to Wire a Hunter Ceiling Fan Light

Hunter ceiling fans come in a variety of styles and designs, many of which have lights or can have light kits installed. These light kits come in a few styles, with domes, globes, and shades accenting their bulbs, but they are all wired in virtually the same way. If you have a Hunter ceiling fan and want to install a light on it, knowing the proper technique for wiring it is crucial for great-looking results.

Step 1

Shut off all electricity to the Hunter ceiling fan.

Step 2

Remove the cover plate at the center of the Hunter ceiling fan with a screwdriver. If there is a knob securing the cover plate in place, unscrew it by hand.

Step 3

Pull out the wires from the center of the ceiling fan. There will be three wires -- one black, one white, and one green.

Step 4

Attach the wires from the light kit to the wires in the Hunter ceiling fan. Most Hunter ceiling fans and light kits come with wires that have connectors for easy wiring. Connect each wire in the light kit to the corresponding colored wire in the ceiling fan.

Step 5

Hold the wired light kit in place and attach it to the ceiling fan by tightening the screws around the edges of the light kit.

Step 6

Install any globes or shades that came with the light kit by screwing them into place or tightening the screws at the base of the light bulb sockets. If the light kit is a dome type kit, slide the hole in the dome over the bolt at the center of the fan and screw the knob into place over the dome.

Step 7

Install light bulbs in the light kit sockets by screwing them into place.

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