How to Mount an Imac to the Wall

The Apple iMac is an all-in-one computer that only requires a power cord to be functional, since both Internet access and the keyboard and mouse can be accessed wirelessly. The lack of cords makes mounting an iMac to the wall an easy affair, provided you don't mind having to make a few holes in the wall. An iMac-compatible mounting plate will be attached on the back of the iMac so that the iMac can be attached to a wall bracket. Both the mounting plate and bracket are available at varying prices from computer stores.

Mount an Imac to the Wall
  1. Remove all of the cables from the iMac. Place a bath towel on a table and place the iMac face down on the bath towel with the stand facing you.

  2. Lift the bottom of the stand up to reveal the two screws at its base. Remove the two screws with the screwdriver provided with the iMac wall mount kit.

  3. Slide the stand's plate out of the slots on the back middle of the iMac. Place the stand aside.

  4. Insert the iMac wall mount kit's plate into the space now vacated. Attach the screws to secure the plate to the iMac using the iMac wall mount kit's screwdriver.

  5. Hold the stud locator against the wall at the height where you want to locate the iMac. Move the stud locator until the needle on its front moves to indicate a stud. Make a dot with the pencil on the wall where the stud is located. Repeat this procedure to locate another stud to the left of the one that was just found.

  6. Place the computer wall mount bracket against the wall so that the slots in the bracket line up with the dots. Screw in the screws to secure the bracket to the wall, using a Phillips screwdriver.

  7. Place the iMac against the bracket. Slide the plate on the iMac into the slot in the middle of the bracket.

  8. Plug the power cord into the iMac and into a wall socket for power.

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