How to Mount an LCD Wall Mount to 24-Inch Studs

Most wall studs are 16 inches on center, but if your home has 24-inch stud spacing, it doesn't mean wall-mounting a flat-panel TV is difficult.

Mounting a flat panel to wall studs with 24-inch spacing is not difficult with the right wall mount.
Manufacturers make wall brackets to handle this very issue, making the installation as easy as with a conventional 16-inch stud mount. Although there are various DIY solutions to review, such as spanning the studs with an additional piece of wood, the efficacy and long-term of safety of those methods has not been proven. .

Locate two studs on the chosen mounting wall, using the stud finder.

Place the wall bracket half of the mount against the wall, marking the four bolt locations with the tip of the drill bit.

Drill through the marked spots on the wall. Place the bracket against the wall again, aligned with the drilled holes.

Insert and tighten the supplied bolts and washers through the mounting holes, and into the studs. Use the ratchet and socket set to secure the bracket firmly to the mounting surface.

Align the TV bracket half of the mount with the threaded inserts on the rear of the TV. Insert the supplied Allen bolts with the bracket holes, and the threaded inserts. Tighten the bolts, using the included Allen key.

Lift the set onto the wall bracket. Level the unit with the level, securing the alignment with the set screw on the upper rear of the bracket. Tighten any additional screws as needed to prevent TV shift on the mount.

Things You Will Need

  • 24-inch wall mount
  • Drill
  • 3/16 inch drill bit
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Ratchet and socket set

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