How to Remove an E350 Stereo

Most of the vans in the Ford Econoline E350 series are equipped with a factory stereo system consisting of a radio and four to six speakers. If you want to remove the radio, you'll need a set of special tools available at most auto parts stores or a Ford dealer. The tools are inexpensive, and it only takes a few minutes to remove the unit.

  1. Set the parking brake and remove the keys from the ignition.

  2. Insert the two tips of each DIN tool into the holes on the outer edges of the radio faceplate -- one tool per side. Push in firmly on the tools.

  3. Push outwards on the tools while pulling back towards you. The radio will begin to slide out of the dash.

  4. Pull the radio completely out of the dash and unplug the connectors on the back of the radio.

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