Heath Zenith Motion Light Control Instructions

Heath Zenith motion sensor lights are designed to turn on when motion is sensed. The lights alert you to the possibility of an intruder on your property and around your home. Motion sensor lights installed over driveways and pathways automatically turn on when someone approaches your home. Not having to leave the lights on while you are away can save money on energy costs. You can adjust the time, sensitivity and direction the motion sensor faces to customize your Heath Zenith motion lights.

  1. Turn your Heath Zenith motion light on at the wall switch. Pull down on the tab with your thumb and forefinger to remove the cover from the access panel located on the bottom of the motion sensor.

  2. Set the time control switch to the position labeled as "Test" and turn the sensitivity/range control to mid-range. Grasp the sensitivity/range control between your thumb and forefinger and turn it left or right until the line on the control is straight up and down.

  3. Adjust the motion sensor to aim at the direction you wish the light to cover once motion is sensed. Loosen the top thumb screw to rotate the motion sensor from side to side and the bottom thumb screw to move the sensor up and down. Walk in front of the motion sensor and make a mental note of when your lights turn on. Continue to adjust the angle of the motion sensor until you are satisfied with where it captures the direction of motion.

  4. Turn the sensitivity/range control to increase or decrease the range of motion you wish your motion sensor to detect. Increasing the sensitivity/range control too high could trigger the motion sensor to turn on your lights on in reaction to a tree or bush blowing in the wind.

  5. Move the time control switch from the test position to position 1, 5 or 20. These numbers represent the length of time in minutes you wish the lights to stay on once the sensor detects motion. Replace the cover onto the control access panel.

  6. Turn the light switch off for one second then turn it back on to override your motion sensing light control. This action leaves your lights on until you turn the switch off or until the dawn to dusk control sensor turns them off.

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