How to Price an Exterior Paint Job on a House

Painting a house can involve a multitude of variables, such as when it was last painted, the condition of the exterior, the demands of the customer and the price of materials and labor for a given market.

Make sure to account for all surfaces when creating your estimate.Make sure to account for all surfaces when creating your estimate.
When estimating the price for painting the exterior of a house, much of the estimate is determined by personal experience. However, careful analysis of the house can help you reach an estimate that is fair for both you and the customer.

Assess the cost of the materials you will need to complete the job. The condition of the house and the desires of the customer can cause great fluctuations in this amount. If the house has not been painted in many years, it will require more materials than a house that was recently painted. Bring a list of what you will need to complete the job to the store with you, and get a rough idea of what all the items on your list will cost.

Use your personal experience to determine how much of the house you can paint in an hour and then how many hours it will take you to complete the house. Next, you need to determine what your time is worth. This will be influenced by your experience, the current market price and your impression of the quality of work the customer desires. Multiply the amount of time it will take you to finish the house by your hourly wage, to calculate the cost of labor.

Add together the cost of labor and materials, to reach total estimate for the job. Now, reassess the number by asking yourself if this is what you would expect to pay if this were your house.

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