How to Use a Werner Extension Ladder

Mary Lougee

Extension ladders have two sections; one is mobile and the other moves up and down to extend the ladder height. Werner manufactures extension ladders in several sizes from 12 to 32 feet tall. Ladder safety is extremely important when using an extension ladder due to its height and a falling hazard.

  1. Set the ladder on the ground with the base immovable section on the top and the fly or moveable section on the bottom. Slide the ladder feet up to the building side so they both touch the building.

  2. Lift the top of the ladder with one hand on each side while applying downward pressure on the feet to hold them flat against the building. If a second person is available, have one person lift the ladder and the second person set the feet on the ground and stand on the bottom rung for support. Walk toward the building while lifting the ladder with each hand going down from rung to rung until the ladder rests against the building at the top.

  3. Pull the bottom ladder feet out one foot for each four feet of ladder length to obtain a safe angle for climbing. For example, a twenty-four foot ladder should be six feet away from the building at the base.

  4. Pull the rope on the fly section of the ladder to raise it. Place one foot on the bottom rung to steady the ladder. Release the rope slowly to achieve the height needed. The fly will lower and position its metal locks onto the next lower ladder rung.

  5. Pull the rope slowly down about two feet to release the locks. Hold the rope loosely in one hand and let it slide slowly to lower the extension ladder to the ground.