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How to Move Large Planters

Kenneth Crawford

Container gardening with planters is one way to grow ornamental plants and vegetables in a small space. Often large planters are necessary to accommodate the root systems of larger plants. Sometimes it is necessary to move large planters when cleaning or moving the plant to more direct sunlight. Full planters are extremely heavy and require the assistance of a helper and a moving dolly. Large planters have wider tops than bottom which require a little extra guidance when moving from one place to another on the dolly.

  1. Position a two-wheel dolly on one side of the planter. Go to the opposite side of the planter and grab the top of it near on the dolly side.

  2. Pull the top toward you, lifting the bottom on the dolly side 2 inches off the ground. Ask your helper to slide the skid of the dolly under the planter.

  3. Lower the planter gently over the dolly skid. Move over to one side of the dolly.

  4. Lift the opposite side of the planter up as your helper tilts the dolly back. Hold the planter as your helper rolls the dolly to the location you want the planter. Keep pressure on the planter against the dolly as you move. This keeps the planter from tipping off the dolly under its own weight.

  5. Go to the side of the planter opposite the dolly and guide the planter down as your helper brings the dolly to a full upright position. Lift the dolly side of the planter up enough to remove the dolly from under the planter.