How to Donate Furniture for Pickup in New Jersey

If you are getting ready to move or just have unneeded furniture, donate it to a charitable organization.
If your item is in good shape, chances are someone will want it. Don't worry about having a truck available, there are several organizations in New Jersey that gladly will pick up your donation. Once you make arrangements, you can leave the furniture outside or inside for the driver. And, you can claim the furniture donation on your taxes if you get a receipt.

Step 1

Inspect the furniture that you want to donate to assess its condition. You can only donate furniture that is in good, working condition. Anything not in good condition usually cannot be donated.

Step 2

Clean the furniture, if it needs it. Charitable organizations will not accept furniture that is extraordinarily dirty.

Step 3

Contact a charitable organization that you're interested in to see if they offer furniture pickups. Some organizations in New Jersey that offer this service include Vietnam Veterans of America, Yeshiva Kol Ayyakov, Interfaith Furnishings and the Salvation Army. If you don't have an organization in mind, look for nearby charitable organizations on the Charity Vault website (see Resources).

Step 4

Arrange for your furniture to be picked up. Typically this is done by calling the organization, however some of the organizations do allow email appointment arrangements. Make sure that the organization offers pickups in your county of New Jersey; some organizations only pickup in select counties.

Step 5

Place the furniture outside near the curb or on your porch, if you will not be home when the driver arrives for the pickup. If you will be home, you can leave the furniture inside. When the driver picks up the furniture, ask for a donation receipt for your taxes.

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