How to Repair a Laser Disc Player

A laser disc player is as susceptible to dirt and other contaminants settling on the lens that the laser beam focuses through as that of a DVD player. To repair the laser disc player so a disc can play without intermittent stuttering and other data glitches, clean the lens. A lens cleaning laser disc cleans the len, aided by cleaning solution that can be purchased from a hobby store or camera supply shop. The procedure does not require disassembly of the laser disc player.

  1. Place a bath towel on a table. Place the lens cleaning laser disc on the bath towel with the labeled side facing down.

  2. Apply drops of lens cleaning solution to the disc.

  3. Turn the laser player on. Turn the lens cleaning laser disc right side up. Insert the disc into the front loading slot. Release the disc when the loading mechanism begins to pull the disc into the slot.

  4. Press the "Play" button. Count up to 30 seconds. Press the "Stop" button.

  5. Press the "Eject" button on the laser disc player's remote. Remove the disc once it has ejected from the front loading slot.

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