How to Remove the Lid on a Top-Loading Kenmore Washer

Although it is not completely necessary, the lid of the Kenmore washer is removable if you are repairing the agitator or tub. The lid rotates on two hinges that resemble more of an L-shaped pin. Removing the lid on a top-loading Kenmore washer requires that you don't lose the small rubber bumpers between the outside edge of the lid and the edge of the cabinet opening. The washer help keep the lid straight while opening and closing.

Remove the Lid on a Top-Loading Kenmore Washer
  1. Open the Kenmore washer lid and locate the screws on the rear side edge on each side that secure the lid hinge.

  2. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver and set them in a safe place.

  3. Insert a flat-head screwdriver between the lid hinge and the inside edge of the lid. Pry the hinge enough to release it from the edge of the washer cabinet. Look for the small rubber spacer between the lid and the cabinet and pull it out so you do not lose it.