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How to Use a Melitta Coffee Maker ME12DPB

Brad Chacos

The Melitta company has focused on providing consumers with the best coffee experience possible for over 100 years, with all of its products and services focused around that addictive little bean. Melitta offers paper filters, coffee makers, coffee grinders, whole-bean coffee, ground coffee, single-cup coffee pods and more through its website, mail campaigns and distributors. The company even offers a gourmet coffee-of-the-month club for delivery on a regular schedule. In its quest for a superb end product, Melitta has released several models of drip coffee makers, including the ME12DPB 12-Cup programmable coffee maker.

  1. Open the lid on the top of the coffee maker. Set a #4 cone-shaped coffee filter into the filter basket. Add 1 tbsp. of ground coffee to the filter for every desired cup.

  2. Fill the coffee pot with cold water. Pour the water into the water tank, using the water level indicator on the right side of the unit to keep track of the water level as you fill the tank. Continue until the cup level of the water matches the number of coffee ground tablespoons you added earlier.

  3. Discard any excess water from the coffee pot and place the pot on the warming plate. Close the lid on the top of the coffee maker.

  4. Press the "ON/OFF" button to turn the coffee maker on and begin brewing the coffee. Remove the coffee pot from the warming plate to use the ME12DPB's "Drip Stop Feature," which continues brewing the coffee but pauses the drip function while you pour yourself a cup. Turn the coffee maker off and allow it to cool down for 10 minutes before brewing another pot.

Timer Control

  1. Set the clock on the unit using the "HOUR" and "MIN" buttons.

  2. Press the "PROGRAM" button once and wait for the screen to flash the word "Program."

  3. Use the "HOUR" and "MIN" buttons to set the time you want the auto-on brewing function to activate. Watch for a "PM" icon to appear if entering a time after 12:00 P.M. Press the "AUTO ON" button when the desired time is displayed to set the feature.

  4. Add water, a coffee filter and coffee grounds to the unit before the set auto-on brew time. Press "AUTO ON" button again to turn off the feature prior to the set time.