My Kenmore 70 Series Clothes Dryer Won't Start

Consumers spend thousands of dollars on needless service calls each year, only to discover that they could have fixed their appliances without the help of a professional. If your Kenmore 70 Series clothes dryer will not start, there are a few simple things that you can do to rectify the problem and save yourself the trouble and cost of a service call.

Your Kenmore 70 Series clothes dryer can be started with just a few simple maneuvers.
  1. Plug your dryer into the wall outlet securely. Vibrations from normal use can cause the unit to become unplugged.

  2. Load the dryer and close the door tightly. If the door is not closed properly, the unit will not start.

  3. Check the lint screen for excess lint. If the lint screen is blocked, the dryer will not start.

  4. Remove the vent hose from the back of the dryer and check for blockages. Unplug your dryer, and use a broomstick or other long, unbending object to clean the interior of the hose. Your dryer will not start if the hose is blocked. Eliminating lint build-up also eliminates fire hazards, as lint is a highly-flammable material.

  5. Call a repairman if you are unable to start your dryer on your own. The Kenmore 70 Series Clothes dryer has intricate wiring that is best serviced by a licensed repairman.


  • Do not remove the back of your clothes dryer unless you are experienced in this area. This carries a high risk of serious electrical shock or death, and should only be done by a competent professional.

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