How to Protect Your Stove Top

Your stove is an integral part of your kitchen. For many, it is the center of food preparation. Stoves can be damaged with flooding or scratches, as well as fires. Since they are a source of such high heat, it is important to take precautions when you cook to make sure you don't damage the stove top. Replacing a stove top is expensive and time consuming. Protecting your stove top is fairly simple and allows you to continue cooking without expense or interruption.

Protect your stovetop and continue cooking.
  1. Cover your drip pans with tin foil. Wrap a square of tin foil over the dip in the drip pan and mold the sides of the tin foil around the lip. Once you're done, replace the drip pan in the stove top and slide the burner back into place. Change the tin foil whenever it seems dirty, especially if you've had a pot boil over.
  2. Cover both external and flat surface burners with circular burner covers. You can buy these at any warehouse or cooking store. They're metal burner covers that help you avoid getting any cleaning products or extra food on your burners or in your drip pans when you're cooking near the stove top.
  3. Keep a close eye on anything you're cooking. Pots that boil over can damage your heating element or even provide fuel for your stove to catch on fire. Once you have something boiling, stand near the stove and turn down the heat when liquid rises toward the top of a pot.
  4. Use a straight razor to remove any burned residue on flat-surface stoves. Press the edge of the razor lightly against the burned area, and then coax it away with smooth, gentle pushes of the razor against the mess. Do not press so hard that you scratch the top of the stove. Do this regularly to avoid buildup that you can't remove easily.
  5. Chop all food on a cutting board. Using a knife on the surface of your stove can damage it.

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