How to Install a Filter Bypass Plug for a GE Refrigerator

Many models of GE refrigerators include a built-in ice maker. The ice maker receives a supply of water from a water supply valve on the wall behind the refrigerator. Before running to the ice maker, the water travels through a filter built into the refrigerator to remove contaminants and other elements. If you choose to operate the ice maker without the filter, a bypass plug can be inserted into the slot occupied by the filter. The ice maker will not operate without a filter or bypass in the filter port, as this could cause the water to flood the refrigerator.

  1. Search for the water filter, located in the back right corner of the refrigerator.

  2. Remove the water filter by turning it to the left to unscrew it from the cartridge holder.

  3. Align the threading on the top of the filter bypass cartridge with the threading on the cartridge holder, then turn it to the right to screw it onto the cartridge holder until tight.