How to Care for Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles can be found in many areas of the home. Bathroom walls and floors, kitchen backsplashes, and mudroom floors are just a few areas you may use ceramic tiles. To keep your tiles looking their best for as long as possible, it's important to care for them properly. While the type of ceramic tile and the area it is used in will have some impact on its care, most tiles can be cared for in a few steps.

Wall tile may require less care than floor tile.
  1. Sweep floor tiles and dust wall tiles in dry areas frequently to remove loose debris. Avoid using vacuum cleaners that use beater bars, which could scratch the tiles.

  2. Damp mop the tiles with clear water, or rinse wall tiles with clear water and a sponge on a semi-regular basis to free the tiles of surface dirt and debris.

  3. Wash the tiles as needed with a neutral pH cleanser or a cleanser specifically made for ceramic tiles. Use a soft mop or sponge with a soft-bristled brush as needed to remove ground-in dirt.

  4. Rinse the ceramic tiles with clear water and dry them with a soft cloth to bring out their luster.

  5. Seal crackled or crazed ceramic tiles in wet areas with a clear, impregnating sealer. Paint the sealer on twice a year with a paintbrush and buff it off with a soft cloth after 10 minutes. This will keep stains from penetrating the cracks in the glaze.

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