How to Restring a Cellular Shade

Cellular shades consist of a continuous sheet of pleated fabric and are available in a variety of fabrics and colors. These blinds can be an ideal choice for living rooms and dining areas. But after continued use, strings and other parts can begin to wear out. It may be less expensive to repair the broken or worn-out strings, rather than purchasing a new set of blinds or hiring a professional for the repair.

Remove the shades from the brackets by lifting them up with your hands and pulling them out. Grab the bottom and head rails with your hands and pull them away from the fabric. The head rail is a metal bar at the top that holds the shades and the bottom rail is a bar at the bottom of the shades. Untie the knot in the end of the string and pull off the plastic washer. Unwind the string from the openings in the shade. Throw away the string, but keep the washer in a safe place for later. Arrange the fabric in a neat stack so the string holes are lined up with one another. This will make the restringing process easier.

Snip the string with scissors and the new cord length should be the width of the shade plus twice the length. Push the needle through the hole in the cord lock at the top of the shade. Wind the cord through the holes in the pile of fabric. Pull the needle through the opening in the cord lock in the bottom rail.

Insert the end of the cord through the center opening in the plastic washer and tie a knot in the end of the string. Slide the head rail back on and push the bottom rail back into place. Hang the shades back on the wall and test the operation.

Things You Will Need

  • String
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle


  • Check with the manufacturer to ensure you have the proper size string for the brand of blinds that you own, since there are multiple sizes.