How to Unlock a Mitutoyo ID F125E

Chanel Adams

The Mitutoyo F125E is a digital dial gauge. This gauge gives accurate measurements of the heights of objects. To use this digital gauge, you must first learn how to unlock it. You have to unlock it two ways -- manually and digitally. Unlocking the Mitutoyo will allow you to use the gauge and have it give you accurate readings. This can also prevent your measurements from falling within a small range of error, maybe as low as .001 inches for height gauges 12 inches or less.

Step 1

Hold the mobile support (part underneath the dial) with your left hand.

Step 2

Move it slowly clockwise until it touches the reference block or the bottom of the dial gauge. This should unlock your Mitutoyo gauge.

Step 3

Press the “ON-OFF” button on the dial gauge. Wait 30 seconds for it to fully boot. Press the “MODE” button. This will unlock the dial and gives you a measurement.