How to Get Out a Broken Drill Bit

Sometimes when you're making repairs around the house while using a drill, the drill bit might break. This often happens if you put too much pressure on the drill. Removing the broken drill bit can be tricky, as unlike stuck bolts or screws, the drill bit does not have a head that sticks out for you to easily grab. However, there is a way to remove the bit.

A drill bit.

Step 1

Place a washer over the hole in which the broken drill bit is lodged. If the broken bit is below the surface, use a ball-peen hammer to gently beat the washer in until the inside of the washer touches the broken bit.

Step 2

Weld the washer to the broken bit with a wire welder.

Step 3

Weld a nut to the washer.

Step 4

Use a socket wrench to turn the welded nut, then pull out the nut, washer and broken drill bit.