How to Install Shades in an RV

Installing window shades in an RV is very similar to installing home window shades. Windows in a motor home usually are smaller than home windows, although fifth-wheel RVs sometimes have large windows. RV window frames also may be metal or plastic instead of wood, which is found in most homes. Many RV owners prefer day/night shades, which offer privacy with the night setting and allow light in with the day setting.

Accurate Measurements Ensure That Shades Operate Smoothly

Windows on an RV often are smaller than home windows.

Step 1

Measure and mark the bracket locations. For a wall mount, mark the positions of the brackets two inches above the window. For an inside mount, mark the positions of the brackets inside the top of the window frame about 3/4 inch from the sides. If the shade is more than 30 inches wide, mark positions for additional brackets.

Step 2

Drill starter holes and use screws to attach the brackets. Make sure the holes and screws are straight. Window frames on an RV may be metal, plastic or wood, but the installation procedure is the same.

Step 3

Press the head rail into the mounting clips. The rail should mount evenly and level if the brackets were installed properly.

Step 4

Measure down from the head rail to 1.5 inches past the length of the shade and attach the cord cleats. Some shades may not have cord cleats, which are designed to keep the cords attached and out of the way.

Step 5

Lower and raise the shade by hand or using the travel rails to make sure it moves smoothly. If the shade does not operate smoothly, a tension adjustment may be needed or the head rail may not be level. Reduce the spring tension by loosening the spool retaining screw on one side. Increase the spring tension by tightening the retaining screw.

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