How to Open a Curtain

Curtains serve several purposes that include blocking out the light to protect your furniture, giving you and your guests more privacy and decorating a room.

Loop Curtains

Pull loop curtains open.Pull loop curtains open.
Adjust your curtain throughout the day to get the most out of these three purposes. Open your curtains during the day to bring in the light and close them at night when people can easily see inside your home. Close the curtains before you go on vacation to protect your furniture from sun damage. The process for opening curtains depends on the type of curtains you have. Loop curtains are simply looped on a curtain rod, while pull curtains are attached to a moving set of strings.

Grasp the inside edge of the curtain. If the curtain is double-sided grasp the inside edge of the other panel. Grasp as far up the curtain as you can. This will give you the right leverage to pull the curtains open. This is especially important if you have heavy curtains.

Pull the curtain to one side of the curtain rod. If the curtain has two panels, pull the curtains in opposite directions toward opposing sides of the curtain rod. Be careful not to snag the curtain loop on a segment of the rod. Avoid this by not pulling down on the curtains when you are pulling out.

Fasten the curtain to the wall if a fastener is available. Fasteners are generally giant knobs or hooks that you hold the curtain behind or they are bands of fabric. If you have a band of fabric, unhook one end of the fabric, wrap it around the curtain and rehook it on the wall. This will hold the curtain in place.

Repeat the process with the other side of the curtain, if necessary.

Corded Curtains

Locate the curtain's vertical cord. This cord is generally behind the end of one side of the curtain. The cord controls the moving set of strings that moves the curtain.

Grasp the left side of the cord and gently pull it. If the curtains don't move, then grasp the other side of the cord. Each corded curtain is set up differently.

Pull down on the cord to open the curtains. Stop when the curtains are fully open and you can no longer move the cord.

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