How to Remove the Cycle Knob From a Kenmore Washing Machine

When servicing the timer on your Kenmore washing machine, it is necessary to remove the cycle knob, as the screws securing the timer to the control panel are under the cycle knob. Unlike the other knobs, the cycle knob does not just simply pull off the timer shaft. Usually when you operate the washer, you press the knob in and turn it to select a cycle. Removing the cycle knob from a Kenmore washing machine is basically the same as selecting a cycle, except in reverse.

  1. Push the control cycle knob inward just as you would when selecting a cycle for washing.

  2. Turn the knob counterclockwise with your fingers and unthread it off the knob shaft. The shaft does not turn counterclockwise when it is locked in the selecting position.

  3. Reinstall the cycle knob by threading it onto the shaft clockwise until the shaft begins to rotate.

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