Bosch Maxx Washing Machine Instructions

Bosch manufactures the Maxx washer, which features a structured drum for improved cleaning, stain removal option, leak protection and high efficiency wash options.

Bosch Maxx Washing Machine Instructions
Available for purchase online or in select home retail, department or appliance stores, the Bosch Maxx is relatively simple to operate and can provide a variety of cleaning options for different clothing or other washable items. .

Press the "Menu" button until "Time" is displayed. Press the "Select" button repeatedly until the hour is correct. Press "Menu" until the minute display flashes. Press "Select" until the desired minute is displayed. Press "Menu" to set.

Press the "Menu" and "Select" buttons at the same time and hold for five seconds. Press "Select" until the desired language is shown on the display. Press "Menu" to confirm.

Open the detergent door on the top of the Bosch Maxx washer and fill the detergent container with high-efficiency laundry detergent to the fill line.

Pull open the washer door and place items inside. Select desired wash options, including "Eco" for reduced energy usage, "Rinse Plus" for an additional rinsing cycle or "Reduced Ironing" for a more gentle spin cycle and increased fluffing to reduce wrinkles in clothing.

Turn the control dial to the desired wash cycle. "Permanent Press" is for medium-to-heavy weight clothes, while "Regular/Cotton" is for most cotton or standard clothes items, "Delicates" is for silk or other lightweight items and "Refresh" is for sweaters, wool or other heavy materials.

Point the dial at the desired temperature, such as "Hot" for heavily soiled items and "Cold" for more delicate items and improved energy savings.

Press "Start/Pause" to begin the wash cycle.

Things You Will Need

  • High efficiency detergent

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