How to Recycle a Mattress

You may be surprised to learn that many common household items can be recycled. For example, with the right information, you can recycle your old mattress rather than simply throwing it out or taking it to the dump. Recycling is the responsible, earth friendly option, because the materials from which your old mattress is made can be broken down and made into new things. This helps to save not only natural resources, but energy, as well.

Recycle your old mattress instead of leaving it out with the trash.
  1. Obtain the contact information for your local recycling center. You can find this information by calling your local government office or by using online resources, such as Earth 911.

  2. Call the recycling center to find out if they accept mattresses for recycling. Ask if they will accept the box spring if you have that, as well. You might have to call a few recycling centers before you find one that recycles mattresses.

  3. Find out if there are any fees for having your mattress recycled. Mattresses are composed of many different materials and are sealed tight, meaning they are difficult to break down and recycle. Some recyclers can charge less than $10, while others charge up to $30 or more.

  4. Schedule a pickup for your mattress if you cannot transport it yourself. For a few dollars, many recyclers will send a worker to pick up your mattress for you, especially if you have more than one you'd like to recycle.

  5. Donate your mattress if it is still in decent condition and you cannot find a place that will recycle it. While organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army don't take mattresses in many areas, ask around and find somewhere, such as a homeless shelter, that could use it. Ask people you know to see if they have any use for it, too, such as in a guest room where the bed rarely gets used.