How to Empty a Polaris Spa Wand

Kallie Johnson

A Polaris Spa Wand is a hand-held, hand-powered spa vacuum cleaner. When the you pull the handle of the cleaner, water and dirt are sucked into the Spa Wand. The internal filter catches, traps and holds dirt and debris, while the remaining water is squirted back into the spa. After each use, the filter should be cleaned to remove dirt, dust and debris. This will ensure the unit continues to work effectively and efficiently.

A Polaris Spa Wand can remove dirt and debris from the bottom of a spa.
  1. Turn the end-cap ring until the arrows are visible in the openings of the end-cap base. The arrows indicate everything is aligned for removal. The end-cap is located where the spa wand meets the handle.

  2. Pull the handle out of the end-cap ring. This removes the handle and filter screen stored on the end of the handle from the rest of the Polaris Spa Wand. Set the Spa Wand aside.

  3. Hold the base of the filter screen. Do not touch the screen itself, only the base. Turn the handle clockwise, approximately 1/8th rotation, until it won't turn any farther. Pull the filter off of the handle.

  4. Shake the filter to remove any debris. Use a hose to remove grime and residue.

  5. Line up the notches on the filter with the notches on the handle. Push together and then turn the handle 1/8th rotation counterclockwise to lock the filter in the handle. Insert the filter and handle into the Spa Wand. Turn the end-cap ring until no arrows are visible in the openings of the end-cap base. This indicates the unit is locked and ready for use.