How to Uninstall a Whirlpool GC1000

Nathan McGinty

The Whirlpool GC1000 is a 1/3 HP garbage disposal that can help make short work of after-meal food and drink items. This brand of disposal mounts underneath the drain in your kitchen sink. It can also be hooked up to a dishwasher to help dispose of any debris from the dishwasher chamber. Uninstalling a Whirlpool GC1000 is simply a matter of reversing the steps for installation. As with servicing any electrical appliance, always make sure that the power is cut off before you begin work.

  1. Clear out the space underneath the sink where the Whirlpool GC1000 is installed.

  2. Cut the power to the GC1000. Either unplug the disposal or shut off the power to the circuit where the disposal is installed. Identify the breaker that controls the disposal at the main circuit and flip the switch to the off position.

  3. Unplug the power cable from the bottom of the GC1000. Otherwise, if the disposal is hard wired into the home's circuit, remove the cover plate on the underside of the disposal. Unscrew the ground (green) wire from the terminal. Loosen the wire nuts connecting the black and white wires together and separate these wires.

  4. Unscrew the hose clamp connecting the dishwasher hose, if present. The hose may also be connected by a coupling in the side of the disposer. In this case, loosen both of the screws to disconnect the coupling and the hose. Pull the hose out of the disposal.

  5. Loosen the screw (or screws) holding the discharge pipe in place on the side of the disposal. The discharge pipe is about twice the size of the dishwasher connection. Once the screws are loosened, pull the discharge pipe out of the side of the disposal.

  6. Use the screwdriver that was included with the GC1000 to turn the screw above the mounting ring to the left. The disposal will slowly lift up and over the mounting tabs. Turn the disposal to the left to unlock it from the mounting assembly. Slowly lower the disposal.