How to Glaze a Textured Wall

Ann Struble

Glazing a textured wall adds depth and interest to walls. Mixing paint with paint or stain with a glaze creates a translucent product used in glazing. Ideally, the finish of the paint or stain should have an eggshell finish, not a flat finish. Mixing the glaze with a paint color that is either darker or lighter than the wall color emphasizes the ridges in the wall texture.

Glazing textured walls adds more depth to the textured look.
  1. Mix four to six parts glaze to one part paint.

  2. Brush the glaze onto the wall in a small section, less than 1 foot square in size. Have one person brush on the glaze while another follows behind to do the next step.

  3. Rub some of the glaze into the crevices and off of the raised areas with a rag.

  4. Continue until you've covered the wall.