How to Cut Lexan on a Table Saw

Lexan is a high-grade thermoplastic similar to Plexiglas but much harder. Lexan is used in aircraft windows, bullet-proof windshields for cars, and other uses where a permanent non-breakable surface is desired. Thinner pieces of Lexan can be used for domestic windows, skylights or other structural uses where visibility and strength are required. Lexan can easily be cut on a table saw with the proper blade.

Use carbide tipped blades to cut Lexan.
  1. Wipe down the saw table top with a soft cloth. Clean off any chips or debris that may be stuck to the top of the saw.

  2. Install a carbon-tipped, crosscut blade on the table saw. Raise the blade 1/2 inch higher than the thickness of the Lexan. For example, if your Lexan is 1/2 inch thick, raise the blade to 1 inch from the tip of the highest tooth at the top of the rotation, to the metal throat plate where the blade emerges from the saw.

  3. Measure and set the fence at the desired setting. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and some safety glasses. Pick up the Lexan by the edge with both hands. Set the Lexan on the saw behind the blade with the paper backing facing down. Turn on the saw.

  4. Push the Lexan forward into the blade slowly. When the blade begins to cut, watch closely. If the Lexan chatters or bounces, slow down.

  5. Push the Lexan across the blade with a steady, continuous motion. When you get to within 6 inches of cutting through, release the grip with your right hand and place it flat, palm down on the Lexan beside the blade. Hold the Lexan down using the gripping strength of the glove as you finish pushing it across the blade.


  • Always wear safety glasses when cutting Lexan.