How to Put a Door Knob in a New Door

When hanging a new door, you will inevitably have to install a door knob to go along with it. The door knob allows you to open and close the door. It holds the door in the closed position and enables you to lock you door. This protects your home from unwanted entry. If installed on an interior door, the lockable door knob provides privacy. Door knobs install quickly and only a few tools are needed.

Door knobs need to be secured to the door.
  1. Insert the latch mechanism into the door through the hole on the door's edge. Screw the latch mechanism to the door with the two provided wood screws. Look in either round hole on the door to verify that the square hole of the latch mechanism is in the center of the hole.

  2. Look at your door knob handles. One will have a square protruding mechanism that will insert into the square portion of the latch mechanism. Insert this door knob into the mechanism until the door knob is flush with the door.

  3. Slide the other door knob over the square mechanism from the other side. Line up the screw holes. Secure the assembly together with the provided screws.

  4. Tighten the screws until the door knob is no longer wobbly on the assembly.