How to Organize a Mobile Home

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Mobile homes tend to be smaller than other homes, therefore it is wise to make use of every available space to store items. Keeping accessories and decor to a minimum helps visually enlarge the space. Avoiding clutter helps the eye flow easily around the room and doesn't break up the space. The proper furniture placement, useful storage containers and hidden storage are all vital to the organization of the mobile home.

Bookcases make efficient use of the vertical space in mobile homes.
  1. Hang a pot rack from your kitchen ceiling or use a wall-mounted rack to keep bulky pots and pans out of the way. Mobile homes often have minimal cabinet space and it is usually needed for pantry items and dishes.

  2. Use all the available space underneath your beds. Measure the distance between the floor and bed. Choose under-the-bed storage containers that fit the space. Some containers come with wheels and are as long as the bed is wide. Use the containers to store extra bedding, seasonal clothes or items such as Christmas ornaments.

  3. Install bookcases or vertical shelves along your walls and inside your closets. This utilizes otherwise wasted space in your home. Avoid placing the shelves or bookcases directly across from the entrance of the room. This makes the area appear busy or cluttered.

  4. Purchase multi-purpose furniture that provides you with hidden storage. Items such as chests, benches, ottomans or coffee tables can have lids that open to reveal hidden storage. Stash items near the area where you use them. If you play board games on a coffee table, store the games and other living room items inside the table. This prevents clutter from visually diminishing the size of the mobile home.

  5. Utilize baskets, drawer organizers and clear plastic storage containers to store small items. Baskets and other containers are useful in the bathroom, pantry, living room and bedroom areas. Keep like items together, such as sauce or seasoning mixes in the pantry.

  6. Place your furniture so the pathways allow you to walk through the area comfortably. Once you position the furniture, walk around all areas of the room to ensure there is enough space, particularly in high traffic areas. Cramped areas make the mobile home appear smaller.

  7. Look around your mobile home to discover unexpected storage places. For instance, you may have space between your bathroom or kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. You can store collectibles, books or other items that are seldom used in these empty spaces.