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How to Attach a Trellis to a Stucco Wall

Mindy McIntosh-Shetter

Attaching a trellis to stucco can be a challenge. If you do not secure it correctly, the stucco can crack or the trellis can fall. Stucco is a masonry finish that goes on top of sheathing, which includes plywood, boards or OSB (insulated boards). The trick to securing anything to stucco is having the ability to go through the stucco and into the wood surface. This process takes two different types of drill bits that include masonry and normal twist bits.

Attaching a trellis to a building with stucco presents a gardening challenge.
  1. Measure every 2 feet along the frame of the trellis and mark.

  2. Drill a 1/4-inch hole, using a normal twist drill bit, into the frame of the trellis. Go through all layers of the trellis. Repeat this process for all the marked areas.

  3. Place a washer over the hole and run a 3-inch lag bolt through each hole.

  4. Place a 2 1/2-inch length of copper tubing on the back of the trellis and slide over the bolt. Repeat process for all lag bolts

  5. Set trellis up against stucco and mark where copper tubing touches the surface.

  6. Place a masonry bit in the drill and drill a 3/8-inch hole through the stucco until the drill bit hits wood. Once this happens pull out the drill bit and replace with a normal 1/4-inch twist drill bit. Drill 1 inch into the wood for the lag bolt to bite into. Repeat this process for all the holes.

  7. Remove any dust from the drilled holes using a turkey baster and squeeze clear silicone sealant into each hole.

  8. Push lag bolts into the hole and screw down until the pipe is flush with the surface using a 7/16-inch wrench.