How to Make an Easy Quilt for My Queen Bed

Quilts are made up of three different layers: a decorative front, a warm middle and a backing that complements the front. The fewer pieces you use for the front of your quilt, the faster and easier it will be to make. A queen-sized quilt should measure about 84-by-92-inches, though some queen quilts are a little larger or smaller. You can make your quilt a whole-cloth quilt by skipping the piecing step entirely and starting with a single large piece of decorative fabric for the front.

Piece the Front

Make an easy quilt for your queen-sized bed.
  1. Wash and dry all of the fabrics for the front and back of the quilt. The batting does not need to be washed.

  2. Use the rotary cutter, ruler and mat to measure and cut 15-inch squares from the fabrics for the front. You should be able to get 6 squares per yard of fabric. Cut a total of 42 squares from your fabrics.

  3. Lay the squares out on the floor to arrange the quilt. Arrange the squares into a rectangle that is six squares wide by seven squares long.

  4. Stitch the first row of squares together into a single strip of six squares. Keep the right sides together and use the sewing machine's straight stitch to sew the squares together. Repeat for a total of seven long pieced strips. Press the seams with the iron.

  5. Sew the strips together with the right sides facing each other. Press the completed quilt front.

Assemble and Quilt

  1. Spread the king-sized sheet out on the floor and spray with the fabric adhesive. Spray from 1 foot away with a light, even layer of adhesive. Top with the queen-sized batting. Spread the batting smooth and center it on the king-sized sheet.

  2. Spray the batting with the fabric adhesive and top with the quilt front. The right side of the quilt face should be pointing up. Center the quilt front on top of the batting.

  3. Move the quilt to the sewing machine and work on one section at a time. Sew through all three layers around each block of fabric.

  4. Trim the threads and spread the quilt out on the floor. Use scissors to cut around the quilt front, trimming away excess backing fabric and batting.

  5. Follow the manufacturer's directions to add binding to the edge of the quilt, encasing the raw edges. Use or display your finished quilt as desired.


  • Wash and dry your fabric before you start, otherwise it could shrink, ruining your finished quilt.
  • Don't get the fabric adhesive spray on your hair or on glasses, as it is sticky.
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