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Salton Iced Tea Maker Instructions

Michael Monet

The Salton Iced Tea Maker makes two liters of iced tea or coffee. The water level indicator helps the user make perfectly brewed tea or coffee with little time or measurement. When the tea or coffee is properly prepared, the machine shuts off automatically. The end result is a delicious beverage filled to the top of a serving pitcher, which can be served immediately to friends and family.

Make iced tea or iced coffee with the Salton Iced Tea Maker.

Step 1

Fill the carafe with water. Different water levels are marked for different amounts in cups.

Step 2

Pour the water into the brewing well.

Step 3

Put two large tea bags in the filter for medium strength tea. Put three bags for strong tea. Place a small coffee filter in the filter area and your desired amount of ground coffee if brewing iced coffee.

Step 4

Put desired additions in pitcher, such as ice, lemon wedges, milk or sugar.

Step 5

Flip the switch to β€œON.” Your tea or coffee will brew and turn off automatically when done.