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How to Avoid Headaches While Welding

Jennifer Patterson

It is common for side effects such as headaches to occur while welding if proper safety measures are not followed. Welders should protect themselves while welding by wearing protective gear. This gear includes respirators and helmets. Welders should also ensuring that there is adequate ventilation. During the cutting and welding of the metal, fumes escape and can cause chills, vomiting and headaches. You can still enjoy welding if you use the added protection. Follow these suggestions to avoid headaches while welding, .

Adequate ventilation, as well as other preventive measures can prevent headaches.

Step 1

Place the metal that you are welding in a position that will allow fumes to move away from the breathing zone. Open windows and doors to allow sufficient ventilation. If you are unable to relocate the metal you are working on and the area is not well ventilated, consider bringing in fans.

Step 2

Wear a welding helmet that fits snugly around your head. This will help to block the poisonous fumes from the welding material.

Step 3

Use a downdraft bench when welding to avoid headaches. A downdraft bench will pull the air down and through the grid.

Step 4

Wear ear protection when welding to reduce the noise level. Excess noise can sometimes contribute to headaches.

Step 5

Wear a comfortable, well-fitted respirator to reduce exposure to the fumes that are produced while welding.